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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

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Antonio (Kenji Garcia) is a curious fifteen-year-old boy who is beginning to come to terms with his own sexuality. Although his straight best friend, Mike (Jiro Manio), has been supportive of his coming out, his first sexual conquest has led to the destruction of his friendship with his other best buddy, Nathan (Ferdinand Zandro Salonga).

Antonio’s exploration of his identity unfolds as his family begins to break up. His altruistic mother, Tere (Shamaine Buencamino) is in complete denial that his father has already abandoned them. Antonio temporarily shares his room with his uncle Jonbert (Josh Ivan Morales). He sexually touches his uncle while the latter is sleeping. The next day Jonbert tells Antonio that he noticed what Antonio did, and enjoyed it. From then on they regularly masturbate each other and have oral sex. However, one day Jonbert wants to anally penetrate Antonio, and rapes him when he declines. His mother arrives and kills Jonbert.

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